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Suncrest Homes (Australia) Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company formed in October 2011 to support a network of franchised builders by providing a business model that imparts building excellence and sustainable growth for the future.There are two share holders of the company; Roy Atkinson and John Giffen. Roy has been building in New Zealand and Australia for over 35 years and is currently the owner of Suncrest Homes Gladstone, the founder of Suncrest Homes (Australia) Pty Ltd and Chairman. John is the Managing Director of the Group and has 25 years General Management experience with major manufacturing companies in the building industry with turnover up to and exceeding $100million per annum.

Our business will grow extensively throughout Australia based on a strong demand from small to medium builders who are struggling to compete against larger companies and see an opportunity to get on better terms with the big guys by joining the Suncrest Corporation.

The future success of the company will develop quickly from the appointment of enthusiastic master builders who together with the Suncrest Corporation will secure a significant partnership and provide assurance of continued growth.Suncrest Homes is an Australia wide network of registered builders operating their own business in an exclusive territory.

"As a growing network, through our proven business model, many years of experience and buying power even our Smaller Builders are Competitive in the Marketplace."